Why Investing in Villas is a good idea

Real estate has become a popular investment option in the Indian market, especially after the implementation of much-anticipated regulatory bills like GST and RERA. The more transparent transactions and clear-cut tax structures have created a huge positive impact in the property market, causing potential homebuyers to invest without any concerns. Among the different types of properties, villas and independent houses have seen strong interest from homebuyers and seasoned investors. Read on to know a few reasons.

Perfect luxury with the freedom to design 

Villas have a majestic aura of their own. Not only will you be living in the lap of luxury, but you will also be able to enjoy the freedom of designing your space as per your preferences and indulge in top home décor ideas. Additionally, you can channel your energies towards long-lost hobbies like gardening or even grow your own herbs and spices. From hardwood flooring to iconic slanting roofs, villas are not just the best form of investment, but also the physical embodiment of a dream home. To get the best of both worlds, you can opt for villas in a gated community, like Sterling Villa Grande, and treat yourself to global amenities and facilities in the comfort of your independent space.

Great locality and appreciation value

A quintessential villa in the suburbs of a city is always a better deal than a studio apartment in a hustling neighbourhood. Areas around the outskirts have promising appreciation rates and provide the ideal surrounding for families to reside. Apart from the investment angle, a suburban villa also offers a pollution-free living away from the buzzing hubs of the city. Fast-developing regions that border the city, like Whitefield and Hebbal, provide the added benefit of quick appreciation as well as great connectivity to the major hubs of the town.

A steadily growing market 

Despite their costs, villas have a much better resale value. Apart from reaping more than you invest, they are far more spacious than apartments and hence give you the option of renting out some extra unused space as well.

The privilege of privacy

Villas are independent houses that offer a great deal of privacy. They are the perfect option for family get-togethers or parties. A barbecue session on the lawn with music or watching a new release in a home theatre would not be possible in an apartment. Additionally, you can bid adieu to the days of opening your living room, balcony or your bedroom curtains to your neighbour’s space. Your villa will be your well-defined private plot of land that can nurture your family for generations to come. 

Security at its best

Villas are often mistaken to lack security due to their vastness and grandeur. Potential homeowners feel that they will constantly need to guard their home from uninvited break-ins by hiring a reliable security guard, however at developments like Sterling Villa Grande, security will not be a concern. You can enjoy the luxury and opulence of a villa in the security and soundness of a gated community, making it the perfect form of investment for families.

The combination of such benefits and the product from a trusted builder like Sterling Developers is truly a deal of a lifetime.

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